“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Red Adair
Famous Oil & Gas Fire Fighter

Why Choose Relentless Recruiting

Our attitude about recruiting firms is, either you are a trailblazer or a follower. By design, Relentless Recruiting is built much differently than any other recruiting firm. We sought out and attracted elite recruiters who bought into the vision of being part of the most respected recruiting firm in the industry. We have 75+ years of combined medical sales experience and most of our recruiters were prior medical sales leaders—which is extremely rare. We know what top talent looks, speaks, and behaves like. In addition, our vetting process is unparalleled, which allows us to quickly determine the candidate’s methodology to reproducible success and what drives that execution. (A resume doesn’t always capture grit and tenacity.) We humbly believe we are the strongest recruiting firm in the industry. We understand this is a bold statement but given our national recruiting awards, programs to attract diversity, and countless client references it would be hard to convince us otherwise.

Sales Expansion

Strategies for Sales Expansions
& Start-up Sales Forces

Just like the laws of physics teaches us that what goes up must go down, the laws of business dictate that what starts poorly will likely end poorly. And vice versa. Our proven strategies and technologies can start you on the right foot by helping you save time and money during large hiring expansions.

Consulting Services

Our commitment doesn’t end when talent is hired. We ask to visit all clients on-site, providing an in-depth analysis of the overall hiring processes. This includes determining how we can perfect interview processes, reviewing data points on previous placements, helping with corporate branding to attract future talent, competitor analysis, and loading the talent bench for future expansions.

Consulting Services
Think Sales Leader

Leadership & Sales
Development Training

Since most of our recruiters were highly decorated medical sales leaders, we know how to teach sales! We can design and lead initial sales training classes for your new hires or help your sales leaders learn how to identify and develop talent.

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Access to the best impact players and passive talent in your market
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Solutions that require no fee unless we find your impact player

Elite Service For Your Specialized Needs


Our retained search agreement is designed for sales force / commercialization build-outs, executive level searches, and positions which require very unique profiles. This agreement is the ultimate partnership where we will not be taking on any additional clients until the retained search is complete. Under this contract we offer services that most search firms cannot offer. As most of our recruiters were top performing medical sales leaders, we can host live interviews and move the top candidates to the hiring VP for final interviews. This can be a huge cost and time savings for the client especially when missing hiring deadlines is not an option!


Critical hiring needs require strong measures. Our engaged search is a powerful combination of our retained and contingency solutions. It's a true partnership where both parties have "skin in the game" to find the best candidates. We strongly recommend clients consider this arrangement for numerous reasons. We fill virtually 100% of engaged searches—this agreement does allow for longer guarantee replacements and refunds.


A contingency search may be the most appropriate option if your organization's search is moderately urgent, if an internal candidate is being considered, or if the search might be terminated. Our contingency option offers no upfront monetary commitment on your part. We require a fee only upon successful placement of one of our presented candidates. As we are incurring the majority of the risk regarding time and costs, the terms and fees will be adjusted accordingly.