“Go after the cream of the cream…. A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”

Steve Jobs
CEO Apple Inc.

Our Story

Relentless Recruiting was developed out of the realization that the medical industry was in need of a recruiting firm who truly understands the intricacies of the medical sales industry. The idea for the firm sparked when Kelly Clark was a medical sales leader and attending a meeting with over 70+ hiring managers which had over 700+ years of leadership experience. The company had been struggling to find top talent, and a question was brought to the room: Could any of the managers confidently recommend any recruiting firm they have worked with in the past? Not one manager in the room felt 100% comfortable recommending a recruiting firm to their peers.

After the meeting Kelly kept asking himself, “we all know the most important duty of a sales leader is to hire and retain top talent but how do you accomplish that goal without the right recruiting partner?” Really from that point on Kelly dedicated himself to understand every aspect of the recruiting process and technologies available to ensure the best possible hiring outcomes. Even though it sounds simple but one of the biggest

findings Kelly discovered it's absolutely imperative the hiring manager and recruiter have a strong partnership to land the best talent on the market. It’s very similar to the relationship of a physician has with a highly skilled sales professional. The biggest compliment a medical sales professional can receive is when a physician thanks them in helping them become a better physician. That is the exact mindset and goal Kelly is striving to accomplish at Relentless Recruiting.

Given Kelly’s passion, honesty and reputation, he was able to attract an all-star team of like-minded recruiters who were just as dedicated about connecting the right people with the right organizations. The team has been able to leverage their direct experiences to establish the absolute best processes and technologies in the recruiting industry. They are not only striving to be the best executive recruiters in the medical sales field but the best recruiting firm in any field.