‘Tis the season: Smile if you like your new sales quota

'Tis the Season | Relentless Recruiting

“Got my new sales quota and I’m going to call Relentless Recruiting to get me a new job.” Many medical companies hold their national sales meetings between January and March. During this time of year, we see through social media all the President’s Club winners posing with their trophies and huge smiles.  I’ll admit, I…

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Why the Hiring Process turns into a Clown Show (Part III)

Being a former sales medical leader, I personally made the mistake of hiring multiple recruiters but didn't know it was a mistake.

If you recall our last blog post, I talked about a couple of reasons why my hiring process was being hijacked by clowns. We learned that a communication breakdown can start at any part of the process, but the hardest one is that between the external recruiters and hiring managers. We also learned that some…

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